Hidrojen Jeneratörü

VICI DBS Hydrogen Generators offer a safe, economical and convenient alternative to gas cylinders. The PG Plus Series provides superior performance with proprietary electrolytic cell technology combined with high quality components and a unique hydrogen drying solution. Ideal for use with gas chromatography detectors such as FID, NPD, and FPD.

• Flow rate from 100 to 600 ml/min
• Purity 99.9996%
• Pressure up to 11 bar (160 psig)
• Minimal maintenance
• Unique drying membrane – no desiccant cartridges required
• Unique 100% titanium electrolytic cell
• 2 year standard warranty


The ability to “cascade”, or install several hydrogen generators in parallel, provides:
• Higher flow rates – up to 10 lpm
• Automatic flow compensation in the event of unplanned downtime
• Continous operation for critical applications

The very limited internal volume (less than 50 ml) allows safe use of the gas generators where the use of cylinders is risky or prohibited. The application of tested safety technologies stops the unit in the event of leaks or malfunctions.

Hydrogen gas generators avoid the need for expensive installation of gas pipelines from the cylinder storerooms to the labs, as well as the need to repeatedly change the bottles.

Hydrogen is produced by forcing distilled or deionized water through a sophisticated Swiss-made fuel cell. Electrolytic dissociation separates the water into its two main components: hydrogen ready for analytical use, and oxygen that is released into the air. No acid no alkaline solutions are used in the hydrogen generation cycle. The patented automatic drying system ensures the maximum grade of hydrogen purity.